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Slots are filling fast and the crew would love to come visit.
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The Searching For Bigfoot Team In Rockwall, Texas

Searching For Bigfoot Investigates Sightings In Rockwall, Texas

In Search Of Sasquatch: Bigfoot Hunters Come To Rockwall

Rockwall County News Site PlanetRockwall.com covers Searching For Bigfoot Team investigation of a sighting.
Click here to see the article.

After receiving a Bigfoot Hotline sighting call from a local retired police officer who reported seeing 3 hairy creatures, 1 very tall with 2 possible juveniles in tow, on some wooded land north of Lake Ray Hubbard, the Team came to investigate.

Equipped with infrared cameras, traps and bait we set up camp near Lake Lavon. Three surveillance areas were selected, baited and had traps set out. During the night several wild hogs were spotted, but little else. Checking the cameras yielded nothing useful.

However the bait on 2 of the trees had been taken and the area was pretty well trampled. "The way we set the bait, only something very tall with gripping hands could have gotten to it," Tom noted.

The next afternoon local sheriff deputies ask the team to leave after a trespassing complaint was filed. Discussing the decision to leave Tom said, "We had permission from the landowner to be there, but the complaint came from the person leasing the land, who actually lived there."

The video is from the Planet Rockwall interview with Tom Biscardi. Tom shares rare casts of Bigfoot prints taken at Camp Maxey, Texas (near Paris) during a 2006 investigation.
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