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Finding Bigfoot Alabama 2006

Tom Biscardi had heard about an interesting 911 call that came into a dispatch office in Alabama. He decided to take a short detour on our eleven thousand mile jaunt across this great country of ours, to investigate that call and all the other stories we had learned about.

Of course, the Searching for Bigfoot Team was chomping at the bit to learn more about this mysterious call, so off we all went! We headed North West from Florida in the general direction of Wisconsin. Alabama would be in that general direction anyway! The story we had heard about, came second hand from a person who owned a BP Gas Station along a back highway on the Alabama / Georgia boarders along the Chattahoochee River. We drove to the BP Station where we met Karen, the owner and manager. Karen told us about a customer she had one morning that made a 911 call from her business.

The unidentified caller, told about some large hairy animal that had attacked their dog while they were camping at a remote camp site on the river. They did not give too much detail, but made it clear that they did not want to spend another minute in the area and would not be back until day light! After the 911 emergency call, the couple left. They said they left all their belongings at the camp site and would not be back to pick them up until morning!

They never said what happened to the dog or what it was exactly that they saw. Only that is was unlike anything they had ever seen before! Karen did go out to the camp site they described and found that they had in fact left all their belongings! They simply got into their car and left the area! It appears that they did come back in the day light to pick up their stuff, but other than that, they have not been heard from since! The following is a link to an actual copy of the original 911 call;

Press square to listen

This is the park where the 911 callers stayed

Here is Tom and Karen, the owner of the BP where the 911 call originated.

These are woods surrounding the camp sites. The team carefully inspected the area for any signs of our elusive friend, but due to a recent rain coming through, we were not able to find anything. There is plenty of food, water, and cover in the area, but we found no signs to suggest he was here. I am afraid we may have missed our opportunity to investigate what may have been a prime sighting, but that is what it is all about

Sometimes we find what we are looking for but sometimes we don’t.
We just have to keep on looking and not pass up any opportunities while we are Searching for Bigfoot!

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