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Finding Bigfoot Alabama 2008

After our exciting time in New Mexico, we headed to Alabama to meet with Mike Clark. Mike is a native of the area and has been following the "Skunk Ape" for over 20 years. According to Mike, who we refer to as Dr. Mike, the "Skunk Ape" is a different animal than the "Big Foot". Dr. Mike tells us that this animal is similar, but has a much more aggressive attitude and slightly different foot prints. He tells us that there are "Bigfoot" here in the Alabama and Florida bottom areas, but they are found much less often than the more common "Skunk Ape".

''Some photos of a plaster cast that Dr. Mike had made in the past..''

The river bottom areas here are made up mostly from the drainage of the CHOCTAWHATCHEE RIVER ( “river of the Choctaws”)and the PEA RIVER. Starting in the swampy wetlands near Clayton in Barbour County, the east and west forks of the Choctawhatchee River travel through boggy stretches of beautiful bald cypress with Spanish moss and a host of deciduous and evergreen trees. In fact, the forks run through an area with more species of trees than any other forest in temperate North America. It is one of the longest free-flowing rivers remaining in Alabama.

Near Ozark and Newton, the forks merge to form the Choctawhatchee River which flows generally southwest for about 48 miles to Geneva, Alabama. Its main tributary, the Pea River, joins it below Geneva.

PEA RIVER; The Pea River basin drains an area west of the Choctawhatchee River. It rises in Bullock County southeast of Union Springs Alabama and is the largest tributary to the Choctawhatchee River.

The river flows southwest in Alabama for about 68 miles to Elba, then south for about 30 miles to the west of Samson, then gradually turns east and dips slightly into Florida before joining the Choctawhatchee River just south of Geneva, Alabama. The total length of the river is 128 miles and drains an area of 1,452 square miles. The total drainage contains more than 2,328,000 acres.
We took a quick tour of some areas of both the Choctawhatchee and Pea Rivers to get a general lay of the land.

''To the left is the "Little Choctawhatchee", to the right is the "Pea", all join in the center to form the CHOCTAWHATCHEE RIVER''

''Here is Greg Worthington, another of our local contacts, alongside of Leonard Dan''

We began our search in earnest after hearing Dr. Mike's stories and looking over his extensive notes from the past two decades, we decided to team up with some of our local contacts, Chuck Creel and Mike Sims, and get our butts out into the swamps where Dr. Mike believes the creatures are living. Mike Sims has a large flat bottom boat that we were able to use. Dr. Mike has a canoe and Chuck has a smaller flat bottom boat. We strapped them all together and were able to carry all of our equipment between them.

After seeing how well Mike Sims was able to thread us through all of the snags sand bars, we changed his handle to Captain Mike. Now we are able to keep the two Mikes straight. We have Dr. Mike and Capt. Mike!

Our crew; ''Dr. Mike, JC Johnson, Leonard Dan, TJ Biscardi, and Chuck Creel...
along with Capt. Mike''

We took our band of intrepid adventurers deep into the swamps on the Dead River, near the Alabama / Florida borders and began fighting the mosquitoes and chiggers to look for signs of our elusive friends.

''The type of area where our search began... We were looking for islands and haul outs where we might find prints or other signs of a large hominid type creature feeding or moving around.. (even a picture of me, JavaBob, because I don't just take pictures!)''

After a few hours exploring the swamp, in the 80 degree heat with 99% humidity, we found some islands that showed game trails moving on and off of them. We pulled up the boats and climbed ashore.. The ground was mushy and muddy and almost completely covered with signs of wild feral pigs. We saw hundreds of prints of smallish pigs and one set of a very large pig. Our Navajo tracker, Leonard Dan, said this one pig must have weighed from 800 to 1000 pounds! We knew if we found any tracks in this type of terrain, that they would have to be very fresh because the area was so turned over by the work of the pigs. We hiked about for several hours when TJ found a line of tracks that were unlike anything we had ever seen before! The tracks were not very clear, but they were from something bipedal with a stride of about 42 inches. We took pictures, but they did not show up very well in the low light and rainy conditions. I show here, one of the better views and the same photo with an approximate highlighted outline of the print alongside of the original.

We talked to many of the local people to see if they knew of any strange goings on in the general area. Most of them told us they did not, however, most people told us they would occasionally hear very unusual screams late at night that no one could identify. We set up a camp to see if we could hear anything unusual that evening. We sat up listening all night sitting by our campfire and enjoying some fresh caught cat fish for super.

'''The fire, our only source of light and warmth.. and TJ cooking our fresh fish.. '''

The locals had also told us about a person who lost some pigs to an unknown animal. This person had called the Fish and Game people to come and help identify what ever was taking their animals. The Fish and Game came out to investigate but could not identify what ever it was. They instructed the locals not to discuss what was going on here???? The next day, we tracked down the people who lost those animals. They are Loyd and Ann Stinson who own a small store on the highway near the Dead River. We went out and met the Stinsons and interviewed them. They agreed to share their story on the '''Bigfoot Live Radio show'''. You can hear their story live on the May 21st 2008 show, 7pm PST! ( If you miss the live show, it will be posted in the archives as well.

''Ann Stinson with TJ and her husband Loyd behind the counter of their local store''

We are still in Alabama and continuing our investigations. Follow along with us as we follow up on other reports from local residents who have seen or heard strange things in this wonderland of swamps, bayous, and river bottom lands!

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