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Finding Bigfoot Alabama July 2008

'''Keith Worly and his family'''

The Searching for Bigfoot team got invited out to meet with Keith Worley in Alabama. Keith informed us that he had a migration route that passed directly behind his house. The creatures had been passing by for weeks and he wanted us to come out and confirm to him what he was hearing and occasionally seeing as well! The team was happy to stop by and investigate for him.

We met Keith and his wonderful family on July 9th in the evening. He opened his home to us and filled us in on what he had been experiencing. We set up a camp in the woods behind his home and began our job.

'''Brian Mazzola, Java Bob, JC Johnson, Keith Worley, TJ Biscardi, and Leonard Dan '''

Keith's home is the last house at the end of a road and backs up hundreds of acres of wilderness area. Just down the hill from the edge of his yard, there is deep woods, a creek that drains into a large drainage basin like bottom run. There are many types of food items here. We found clams, turtles, rodents, nuts, grains, and many types of berries. There are feed lots set up to draw deer in the area with corn feeders and planted feed lots. All in all, a great area for a traveling group to hide, rest, and feed.

Keith had been hearing calls, knocks, and breaking brush for several months. He told us that the activity was slowing way down in the past six weeks or so, but there was still occasional activity in the area.

'''Keith's back yard... leading to the hill behind that drops down to the woods and creek below'''

We set up a camp behind his house and began our investigation. We set up trip cameras in the area, did some calls, and began tree knocking.

'''We set up a camp behind the house and Leonard Dan began surveying the area...'''

We found many unusual signs in the area... tree limbs stacked in unusual patterns and places.

'''We checked out both sides of the creek, found many stick signs and lots of little tee pee patterns...'''

We all agreed that Keith probably lives on the very edge of a migratory trail way. The most convincing action we found was an answer to some tree knocking that we received on our second night in the field. Go ahead and listen to what we recorded. You will hear our loud knocks followed by some distant replies. The replies are not nearly as loud as our knocks, so listen closely and keep the volume up...


The team was very impressed with the area and we plan on going back next season when the migration is in full swing. Keith and his family made us feel totally comfortable at his home and we feel like we made a good friend and partner in our continuing search for Bigfoot!!!

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