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Reports from Finding Bigfoot Search Expeditions in Arizona

Tom Biscardi brought the Searching for Bigfoot team out on the open road again in November of 2006. He began our multi-state expedition with a stop at the White River Apache Reservation. There we met with some of our good friends, Tribal Chairman Ronnie Lupe, Chief of Detectives A.K. Riley, and Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic Newspaper.

As always, the Apache Nation showed us their warm and welcoming hospitality and treated us as honored guests on their lands. They invited us to join them on their local radio show, KNNB Apache Broadcasting Corporation, where we had the opportunity to talk openly with their listening public. We explained who we are and why their tribal leaders had asked us to come to their nation to answer their questions as to why there had been so many more recent sightings in their towns and villages.

We explained how the recent fires in the high country surrounding the populated valleys had forced the creatures down into the more populated areas in search of food. To help alieve some of the apprehension of the local people, we opened the radio phone lines up for questions. We were overwhelmed with the response! Not only did the phones ring off the hook, but people in the hundreds came to the station to meet with us personally to share their concerns and stories.

As people learned just how many of their neighbors had seen these creatures and found that out of all those encounters, not a single person had been attacked or threatened with anything more than a yell or a rock or two being thrown at them by these creatures, their fears began to subside.

They became more comfortable with sharing their stories and began talking more with their neighbors about it. They felt much better knowing that the Searching for Bigfoot Team was willing to arrange to lend one of our best trackers to the Apache Police Department, for a minimum of three months. Our team member would be riding with the local police on all of the 911 calls that were coming in concerning encounters with these creatures.

During the short time we had to spend with our friends, we were only able to go into the field for part of a day and several hours in the evening. During that day we met with some of the people we had talked to before on a previous visit. Their story was so compelling that we filmed the interviews from them and the officers that responded to their 911 call. Those interviews will be in our new movie, Bigfoot Lives!

We also got out into the country to inspect some foot prints found by some local residents.

''The road out to the pond and the prints''

Once out in the country, we observed a small pond that is frequented by many wild animals including feral donkeys and cattle. There were many prints in the area, but none we could verify as those of a creature.

We are looking forward to spending much more time with our friends on the Great Apache Nation in Arizona, while we continue Searching for Bigfoot!

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