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Finding Bigfoot November 2006


Hi all of you back at the office.

We are about one quarter of the way through our current cross country expedition and we have discovered something very disturbing. At our second stop of this trip, we stopped at Lamar Point in Paris, Texas to meet with some of our associates. When we arrived, we saw a few people we recognized who belong to a local Bigfoot research organization. They left as soon as they realized we were there! It would seem that they were in the process of casting some prints down near the lake, but left in such a hurry that they left a wet plaster print on the beach, they even left a large bag of plaster sitting near by!

We found that to be very odd. When we went down to the area where they were working, I was troubled to find that they were setting casts of bogus prints! We took pictures of the prints and our tracker Lee Hickman pointed out all of the details that prove that the prints are fakes! We went ahead and shot a video of Lee explaining to our camera man how he could spot the fake. Even to the point of showing the prints from the clips that held the false forms to the bottom of someone’s feet!

I do not want to name the organization that was responsible for this hoax now, but I am so very disappointed I needed to share this disturbing information with someone.

Once I get back, I will put the video on the web site and write up a more detailed report of what we found.

Other then that, all is going well. We had stopped at the Apache Nation in Arizona and met with all of our good friends out there. It was a wonderful visit and we took some great footage while we were there. We were on their radio show and were blessed enough to get some great stories and leads on recent sightings and encounters. I can’t wait to be able to share some of these stories with our friends on the web site when I get back to my office and can spend some time on the computer.

We will be heading east in another day or so and I will send short reports back as time allows. In the mean time, keep us in your prayers and give our love to the rest of the team.

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