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About The Film ''In The Shadow Of Bigfoot''

A Professor Writes About The Film ''In The Shadow Of Bigfoot''
By Warren L. Cook, D. Litt., Ph.D.
Professor of History and Anthropology, Castleton State College, Vermont

"In the Shadow of Bigfoot" is a milestone in cinematic treatment of the Sasquatch, in that, with grippingly dramatic, authentic, lengthy and beautiful footage of this extraordinary species, it shifts the debate from whether or not the creature exists, to "what can we learn about it, from it," and "how can we bring it back from the edge of extinction?"

That accomplished nature photography [[Ivan Marx]] has captured Bigfoot on film numerous times since 1958 is no coincidence. The oly true woodsman among Bigfoot investigators, by studying the species' habit patterns, Marx knows where and how to lay in wait, patiently, camera at the ready.

My authentication of Marx's photographs, by analysis of internal evidence within them, has never before been attempted by a recognized scholar. In the film I suggest a tentative identification of the Sasquatch's closes relative among the extinct fossil apes of Africa.

"In the Shadow of Bigfoot" virtually brings North America's Sasquatch into our presence, alive and kicking, for close inspection.

Warren L. Cook, D. Litt., Ph.D.
Professor of History and Anthropology
Castleton State College, Vermont

PURSUIT - The Search For Bigfoot

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