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Finding Bigfoot - Alabama May 2009

On Thursday, May 14th, Rob Price and I, (Java Bob), headed off to Alabama to meet with Chuck Creel and Greg Worthington. I am sure you all remember this dynamic duo... They are the Searching for Bigfoot Associate members in the Alabama, Georgia, and Florida areas and investigate many sightings and encounters in these general areas.

'''Here is an older picture of Chuck and Greg and a photo of Rob'''

Chuck had called me with a very recent sighting made by a County Employee the previous day. It seems that this man, who would like to remain anonymous at this time, was brush hogging a remote back road to maintain its "fire safe" condition. While busy working, he said he felt as if something was "watching him" and when he looked around, he saw what appeared to him as a large "ape like" creature a few feet away. He went on to tell me that the creature was about over six feet tall, a gray color with lighter color towards the ends of its long hairs. He told me that when the creature first saw him, it turned and walked back into the woods. The man dropped his equipment and ran back to his truck, where he locked the doors and used his cell phone to call for help... He remained locked in his truck until some co-workers came to let him out. The actual encounter lasted about 6 seconds, but he remained in his truck for about fifteen minutes! He told me that the creature he saw walked much like a man, but with a slight backward lean as it walked... he said he thought it might have been injured by the way it moved. He did not get a clear look at its face, but it did swing its arms widely as it moved away. The arms hung down to just past the creature's waist. He did not notice any smells or hear any other sounds. He also told me he did not recognize it to be any of the known animals in the area. He was absolutely sure it was not a bear or any similar animal.

The following is a picture of the area where this man was working:

'''As you can seem, the general area is very remote. Behind the trees on the left and about the center of the road, (where the creature was seen), is a wash that heads back towards a stream, corn field, and a heavily forested area...'''

Heading up this small wash, Chuck and Greg found some very interesting foot prints! Prints unlike any we had seen before? These prints looked more like gorilla or orangutan feet might look?? The Alabama sandy soil was pretty loose and the creature was leaving good prints. However, the loose sand would not hold these prints very long. See the raw prints in the pictures below:

'''The clearest of the two prints found and one outlined to show the general shape and location of the toes'''

Chuck and Greg attempted to cast the prints as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the plaster they had with them had been stored in a box in the back of their truck for several months in the Alabama humidity. As it turned out, it was no longer any good and would not harden. They left the plaster out for two full days and it never even began to set up.

Once the plaster was poured, it made it easier to see the general location of the prints and the stride of the beast. This picture shows the prints after they team had attempted to cast them:

'''This creature had about a four foot stride from toe to toe'''

Our team spent an entire day backtracking the tracks we found, and the entire night using trip cameras, bionic listening devices, IR cameras and thermal imaging equipment to monitor the area, but we saw and heard nothing. We went back to Chuck's to sleep. The following day, we had already scheduled an interview with "Esper", a local resident who claims that she has a family of creatures on her property that she feeds... We headed of to meet with her. That story to follow shortly...

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