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Arizona Bigfoot Sighting

Roger Peterson Bigfoot Encounter
At Gillespie Dam In June 1988

The Following took Place In June 1988 One Year Later

* Witnesses : My Wife Kim, 2 Sons Andrew and Roger Jr., Daughter Charity * Area : River Bottom Flat Sandy Salt Cedars * Conditions : Sunny Day Clear Skies * Time : Approximately 11.00 AM

We had moved from Gila Bend To Buckeye To Get away from the Ridicule at this Time. I love to fish and so does my Family so Our Landlord told us How to go on the Back side of Gillespie Dam On the River Bottom said we would catch good Catfish There. We Loaded up the truck and took along our new Aluminum Boat hoping to launch it and fish from the Boat . We Drove approximately 20 miles South West Of Buckeye on Old Us 80 to find this Dirt Road That Lead to the River Bottom.

The Road was also farm road between the Fields on This Farm . We Found the right Road and Proceeded to the River Bottom.The access road continued past the fields about 3/4 miles and then we had to stop and walk about 200 Yards Of Sandy Beach Front to the Water that Was Gaurded by Over grown Salt Cedar. Me and My Two Boys Walked Down While the Two Ladies stayed at the truck until We Men Checked The Area.

As We Approached the Bank We Heard Rustling Through The Salt Cedar But Paid it no Mind Cause there Were Cows in the Area. As We Searched for a Clear Place to Fish We Kept Hearing this Strange Moaning Like Saying Ma Ma Ma Ma . We Headed to the west where the sound was coming From and We Found A Fresh Puddle Of Urine and It Had Tracks By It That I Had Seen Before and I told My Boys Quietly "Let's Get Out Of Here" My Son Andrew was to My Left and My Son Roger ahead Of Me A Few Steps To My Right and Suddenly My Son Roger Yelled "Dad Look !!!!!!!" As I Turned to His Direction There Not 20 Feet In Front of Him This Creature Stepped Right out From Behind The Bushes. We All Froze.Period !!!!!!!!

With My Experience taught me By My Father with Wild Animals, Told My Sons" Don't Panic" "Junior, Get Out Of My Way !!!!!" He Was Between Me and The Creature., Scared Stiff. About This Time The Two Ladies Saw The Creature and Started Yelling and Screaming and It Turned Toward Them So I Yelled at The Two Shut Up and Get In the Truck !!!! This Creature Then Turned Back To Our Attention . I Told My Sons Not to take there Eyes Off Of It and To walk Backwards Towards The Truck Slowly.

Description : This Creature was Roughly about 9 1/2 Feet Tall Grayish-White Like The Surrounding Sandy Ground And I Swear It Looked So Human It was Incredible !!!!!!!!

It Just Stood There Looking And We Made It Back To The Truck and It Just Continued To Stand There Looking at Us ..It Had No Fear Of Us WhatsoEver !!!!!

I Was Tempted To Shoot But I could Not Make Myself Pull The Trigger and This Time I was Carrying a Super BlackHawk .357 with a 9 Inch Barrel , Very Accurate and Enough Power to crack an Engine Block at a Thousand Yards.Period, But I could Not Shoot. Period

After watching it watch us We Decided To Leave cause we did not know if that Thing was Alone or Not . We Went Back North that 3/4 Mile and stopped to fish The Canal. We Thought We Were Safe, No We Weren't.

After being there about Ten Minutes We Started Hearing That Ma Ma Ma Ma Sound again The Fish Totally stopped Biting And My Son Roger Junior Was Fishing Off into A Hole about 15 Feet Down On the Side Of the Access Road and all The Sudden His Fishing Pole Slammed Down Hard And The Yell Like I Described Before That Creature had Heard Us Up There Fishing and Laughing and It Followed Us.

I Swear To You It Did. Not Take us Two Seconds to get The Hell Out Of There And We Never Went Back Period. Later about A Month or So Me and My Friend Jim Jordon and His Boys and Mine Started Seriously Hunting These Things Down But with Nothing But High Powered Guns We Were Not going to Take Any Chances.

Sincerly Roger A. Peterson

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