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Other facts: The most famous eyewitness of the gigantic ape-like creature Bigfoot was American President Theodore Roosevelt

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Arizona – October 2009

This may prove to be the biggest find of this millennium!

Late in June of 2009, Larry Jenkins of Arizona called Tom Biscardi to share some his experiences with some kind of “creature” on his property up in the hills near Flagstaff Arizona. Larry explained that he had seen something there that he was unable to identify. The description that Larry shared fit the more common descriptions we have been given for the creature commonly referred to as “Bigfoot”. As Tom and Larry got to know each other, Larry began to share more and more about his experiences back out in those woods.

Larry eventually shared some physical evidence he had come across with Tom and the Searching for Bigfoot team! That evidence appeared to contain biological material that SFBI has been able to send out for analysis. The results received back amazed us! The prestigious University that did the analysis was baffled. They told us that the DNA they found was very close to human, but a small percentage was not identifiable. It was primate, but not like any primate they could identify. The staff at that University asked if they could send it out to another University where there was a resident Mammalologist. Tom and his team agreed and off went the sample. To everyone’s amazement the sample returned the exact same results. Almost human with about 1% difference in the DNA!

We are aware that most of the scientific community tends to agree that the DNA of a Chimpanzee is between 97 and 99% the same as a human with the remaining % being what makes it a Chimpanzee.

Our sample appears to be similar, but with the remaining % being of an un-recognized primate??? Now the President of the first University is so impressed that he has contacted Tom to get permission to have, what he believes to be the most knowledgeable experts in the United States look at the sample and see if they can identify the small percentage of DNA that makes this a sample of some type of unique primate. Tom has agreed and we are currently awaiting the results from this team of experts.
Once we receive the official results from this last organization, Tom will make a public release, identifying all of the experts involved and their official results. In the mean time, Tom has sent a team out to investigate the area around where these samples where found. The following is an update as to what that team has found so far:

On our most recent expedition in Arizona in an undisclosed area near Flagstaff, we have come across some of the most compelling evidence to date on the phenomenon known as Bigfoot. We are currently using every known technique, and a few new ones, to try and get to the answers we are seeking about this mystery. At the present time we have uncovered two separate foot prints but unfortunately due to the nature of the terrain we were unable to cast them.

This is the view from behind the base camp

One of our team members, Leonard Dan, believes that we may have a family of these creatures living in, or very near, our area of research. We have set up trip cameras, video surveillance cameras, and audio recorders to help us monitor the area. We have even strung fine string at a height of about 5 feet, across areas we believe this creature may travel. We tried to take a picture of some of the prints we found, but due to the dry and rocky terrain, they were of such poor quality that we did not post them. The terrain and environment is so very harsh that it is almost impossible to find viable prints or signs of any animals. Were it not for the well trained eye of Leonard Dan, tracking by the average person would probably be impossible. We did find some physical evidence that supported the stories that our hosts, Larry Jenkins and Wayne Shepard had shared with our team.

Our hosts Larry and Wayne

One of the windows in the “galley” area of Larry’s cabin, was covered with a screen on the outside. When we asked him about it, he told us that when he was building this part of this cabin, a creature had come and looked inside the cabin. The window is about five feet above the deck on the outside. Larry told us that this happened a few days prior to him putting on the deck. The ground that the creature was standing on was about 3 to 4 feet below the present deck..

We removed the screen on the outside of that window, and this is what we found on the window:

_ _ _ _

If you look closely, you can see the table we setup behind these photos to block the sun so we could photograph the glass

While we were out investigating, we were contacted by the local News Papers owned by the Times Publications company. These papers are circulated in several communities throughout the Valley including Scottsdale, Northeast Phoenix, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, East Mesa and Ahwatukee. The total circulation of Times Publications is more than 111,000 copies, which are distributed at more than 3,000 locations across seven major Valley cities.

Their loyal readers have come to expect the variety and quality of voices found in the pages of The Times.

They are committed to editorial quality, The Times has been honored with several Press Club and Arizona Newspapers Association awards for journalistic excellence, including more than eight first-place honors. The Times was also honored by the Arizona Newspapers Association as the first-place winner for Journalistic Achievement and Community Service in 2005, 2006 and 2007

It seems that they had heard that Tom Biscardi and his SFBI team was in the area and investigating a local area. They wanted to come out and see what we do, and how we actually do it. Tom agreed to allow them to come to our undisclosed location and see for them selves what it is that we do. We were expecting to meet a reporter and a cameraman, but to our surprise they send out Shanna Hogan, their Features Editor and Eric Hendrix, their Art Director.

We thought they were coming out to do a short feature story about us, but once they arrived and got to see what we do and how seriously we take our jobs, they became intrigued. They decided to do a feature cover story about us in one of their monthly magazines. The cover story is scheduled to come out on the 3rd of October, 2009, and should be available online at

Here are the people from the magazine posing questions to Tom


Tuesday, Tom and Java Bob pointed out to Me (Rob) that we needed to find all of the nearest readily available water sources. At that time we all headed out in different directions looking for water and, this is what we found.

The permanent water supply

This appears to be a permanent water supply for the surrounding area. In this area we also found many prints from cows, elk, deer, wild pigs, and even large mountain lion and bear. It is clear that many animals come from the surrounding areas to drink here.

Tom also suggested that we look for places that these creatures might hide out in, to avoid the heat of day. We began checking out areas near a wash closer to camp. We found prints from wild pigs, bears, and large cat prints. We saw signs of elk, cattle, and many smaller animals like foxes, rabbits, and squirrels. Here is a picture some type of fox that visited closer to our camp, and prints of some of the wildlife in the area.

One of the many wild pig prints we found

More animal signs and pictures

Eventually we found a couple of prints that appeared to be much more human like. Large bare footprints from something walking through this area of rock and cactus.

Some possible prints found

We could see that both of these prints seemed to be heading in the same general direction, so we headed out to see where they might be going. What we found was truly amazing. Just as Tom had told us... there was a place where these creatures could “hole up” in a safe place while avoiding the overbearing heat of the day.

At first we began to find some over hanging rock formations that offered some cooler shaded places to rest. However, eventually we came across some actual cave formations like these:

The overhang...

Eventually, we found some actual caves. We climbed up to them and tried to get a closer view.

The actual caves we found

Upon observing the caves we found an easily accessible walkway leading up to the cave entrance. The cave itself is incredibly clean in comparison to the surrounding area. Almost as if something is keeping it cleaned out to the bare ground. It was cool and the dirt inside appeared to be recently disturbed.

We then decided to set up surveillance equipment in order to track any activity in or around the area of the cave.

Rob putting up the game cams

Later that evening we set up our night vision camera with a light intensifier to ready ourselves for mobile filming of the area at night....

Camera with light intensifier attachment

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.....In the mean time, Goto; The Secret from Arizona to find out what got us here!

The team stayed in this location until the heavy snows forced us out.. The snow has subsided enough this second week of January 2010 enough for us to get back into "Biscardi Canyon"...

Goto: Biscardi Canyon and see what we found there now!

I would like to offer a special "Thank you" to Anne-Lise Finnbraasten, the owner of the Stage Coach 66 Motel in Seligman Arizona for her help and support to our efforts while here. She and her employees have supported us by letting us use their Wi-Fi to update our site. If you ever come through here stop by the Motel and ask for Janella Wilfinger and tell her Java Bob sent you... Then stop by the Pizza Joint and enjoy a great pizza!

Written by JavaBob and Rob Price - posted by JavaBob

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