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Arizona Bigfoot Encounter
May 2009

The Searching for Bigfoot team arrived at the Hon-Dah Hotel and Conference Center in Pinetop Arizona at about 13:00 hrs on May 6th, 2009. We met with some of our old friends and associates and took a couple of hours to just visit and catch up on things. We also met with Norman Skidmore and some of his family who agreed to take us out into the brush, to a place where he claimed to have had an encounter with a creature some weeks earlier.

After settling into our rooms, Tom Biscardi established a team made up of some local people along with some researchers from Searching for Bigfoot Inc., about 18:00 that same evening, our guide, Norman and his family, brought the entire team to an area near Boundary Butte.

'''Khris Riley and his friend "Patriot" awaiting instructions and our newest member Robert Price (in the faded blue jeans) preparing for the night's activities...'''

Once in the field, Tom Biscardi found an area that he felt would have the best possibility of containing a creature. He found an area that had a pond on one side, a reasonably clear area in the middle, and went up towards some heavy tree cover on the remaining side. Tom then split us up into four separate teams. One team, made up of the woman and younger people that had accompanied Norman were left in one of the vehicles with walkie-talkies and had the assignment of monitoring the other three teams.

'''Norman trying to tell Tom Biscardi how tall the creature he saw really was! (Alex Hearn can be seen sitting in the truck)'''

The remaining three teams were set out in a line with each team about 50 yards apart, making a line about 100 yards wide. The first team was set near the pond, the second in the clearer area, and finally the third team was about 50 yards away from the middle team and up towards the denser treed area. Tom felt that if there was any creature down near the pond, the first team would flush it out towards the center team. He armed the center team with thermal imagers, night vision equipment, and zero lux capable cameras. The third team on the side of the hill might flush any possible creatures towards the center as well. This way we could cover the maximum area with the people available to us.

Within a very short time, the third team on the uphill side said they had seen something moving ahead of them. We were able to locate it with our thermal spotting equipment and then focus in on that area with the thermal imager. The image we found the on the thermal imager showed us some type of creature that was more than 8 feet tall.

What ever the creature was that we saw, then moved on down toward the pond area where our first team was able to see silhouettes moving towards them that appeared to be 8 to 9 feet tall.

We were not able to narrow in any closer to what this creature might be and did not see it again for over an hour of continued searching.

By now it was very late in the evening and some of us had to get prepared for a guest appearance on the local KNNB radio station in the morning. We arranged for some of the team to set out some high tech trail trip cameras in the areas near the pond and then set up a low profile base camp where they could spend the night and monitor the area. Before dawn of the next day, they did observe four flashes from these cameras.

After the sun was fully up, they gathered up the cameras and brought them back to Hon-Dah Hotel and Conference Center where we would be able to download them to our computer to begin the process of analyzing them.

'''A picture from one of the camera flashes that we could not identify and a picture taken in the same general area on an earlier trip'''

After a few hours of sleep, our team got back up to come to the KNNB radio station to answer questions and to interview the many local residences who came out to share their own encounter stories with us.

That same evening, we went back out to another area were we had heard about stories from local people of multiple recent sightings. We headed out towards the Diamond Creek area and began to search this area for signs of this elusive creature. Although we did encounter some very interesting things, even to the point of one of our team members being hit with a small rock as he walked down through the area. We observed some sightings of other animals such as cougars, elk, and cattle, and the team was able to hear what sounded like “tree knocking”, a common form of communication for these animals. Although all of these things would suggest that there was a creature in the area, we could not verify, without a doubt, that there was, indeed, a creature there.

The next day, we did another appearance on the KNNB radio show. We answered questions from many call-in listeners while many others shared many more amazing stories of local encounters and sightings. All of these things, when put together help to convince the Searching for Bigfoot team that the White Mountain Apache reservation is truly home to some of these elusive and rare animals.

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