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Finding Bigfoot - Arkansas May 2009

On the 12th of May, we left Arizona and headed to Arkansas to meet with Robert Lindsey. Robert had contacted us and told us that there was an area near his home where he was finding large footprints and hearing strange calls. He believed there was a creature in the area and wanted us to check it out.

We arrived at Robert’s place early afternoon and quickly made friends. He is an articulate individual and former Marine. He shared many stories and possible signs of the creature from his area. Robert’s friend, Scotty Cunningham, soon stopped by and joined us. Scotty also shared stories about what he had seen in this area of Arkansas.

'''Here in order are Robert Lindsey, Scotty Cunningham, and our own Steve Dismore'''

We decided it would be best to get out into the brush right away and see what we might find. The area near Robert’s place seemed to be perfect habitat for our elusive friend and we were very excited to begin our search.

We went to a nearby place where Robert and Scotty had seen prints in the muddy moss covered bogs nearby. We could still see the prints that they had originally told us about.

'''The prints were not distinct, but you could clearly see where something had traveled through on two legs! The walking stick in the photo is about 4 feet long'''

There were plenty of food items to be found, thick cover, and small streams and ponds everywhere. We were on top of a ridge that overlooked a huge and sparsely inhabited valley, before heading back up to the mountain side that made the far end of the valley we could overlook. The mountains all around are heavily wooded and dense vegetation covered everything. There were many natural rock formations, caves, and thickets available to make good habitat for a creature.

'''One of the many rock formations that formed shelves, overhangs, and caves that are common in this area'''

We hiked around for a few hours looking for more recent signs of a creature. We did find some kind of scat that was from a predator. At first glance, we though it was probably from a wolf or large coyote, but on closer examination we were able to find a lot of wild nut hulls mixed into it. We didn’t expect to find such a large amount of vegetable matter in scat from a wolf or coyote.

'''The scat we found and some of the nut hulls we discovered inside of it.'''

We were hiking up and down the walls of our side of the canyon, when Steve Dismore aggravated an old injury to one of his knees. We had not found any recent signs of activity in the area that we could definitely attribute to a creature so we headed back to Robert’s home to tend to Steve’s injury.

Once at Robert’s, we examined Steve more closely and jointly decided we needed to take him home to Kentucky so he could have his family physician examine him properly. We said our goodbyes to Robert and Scotty and packed back up. We arrived at Steve’s home about 1am the following morning. After dropping Steve off at his home, Rob Price and I checked into a motel and tried to get a good nights sleep.

Unfortunately, Steve’s doctor informed Steve that he needed to stay home so that that they could further evaluate his injury and decide on the best method of treatment for it. Sadly, we had to leave Steve there and head on back to the road to continue our expedition. Steve was a valuable member of our team and his absence will be missed. However, we know in our hearts that it was best for Steve, so reluctantly, we left him at his home, in the care of his family and doctor. In the next few days we were able to call and follow up with him and he is doing fine. He should be back to his baseline condition soon and they may even be able to operate on him and do a permanent fix to the old injury. Our prayers are with him.

As long as we were still in the area, we decided to stop by and check on TJ Biscardi. TJ and his family opened their home to us and we were able to get some hot showers, home made cooking, and sound sleep, before getting back on the road to keep on Searching for Bigfoot!

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