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Chancellor, Alabama Bigfoot Photos From Sighting Encounter

Bigfoot Project Investments and Searching For Bigfoot performs research to determine the existence of an elusive creature commonly called Bigfoot. The corporate mission is to be the most reliable and dependable source for materials including videos, movies, products, documentaries, physical evidence and eye witness accounts documenting the evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

The Company's Searching For Bigfoot Team conducts Bigfoot hunting expeditions. The team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying sighting locations and following up on current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Expeditions include exploring remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted. A recap of a past expedition follows:

CHANCELLOR ALABAMA - November 5th thru 7th, 2007

TJ Biscardi, Director of Field Operations for Searching for Bigfoot Inc., Steve Kulls, the "Squatchdetective" and Brian Mazola, an independent film maker just back from shooting in Iraq, form a the team working on behalf of Searching for Bigfoot Inc. to investigate the reports sent to us from local residents Chuck Creel and Mike Sims, about some strange sightings and events happening in their area.

The team got to Chancellor on the evening of Monday, November 7, 2007. They have been trying to keep me updated with phone calls and photos sent to me by cell phone. While on the road, they don't often have access to internet or email, so the following is from notes that I, Java Bob), have put together from their phone calls. When they get back, they will be able to update these inputs in their own words. I believe I have the general issues correct, but once they return and debrief, we may need to make some changes and additions to the details. Until then, the following is part of the truly amazing story they have shared with me to date!

Today, 11/07/07 about about 11:10 California time, I got another phone call from TJ Biscardi. TJ called me to let me know they were preparing to leave Chancellor AL and head towards the Four Corners area in New Mexico. He had called me at least once every day on this current expedition and given me quick updates on what they were seeing. His first call from Chancellor was just after they arrived, following their 1,100 plus mile drive. They were tired but excited and were going over to meet with their hosts, Chuck Creel and Mike Sims.

Chuck Creel, TJ, Steve, and Jim

The next call I received was the following day. The call was very short, but extremely exciting! TJ shared with me that the evening prior, after meeting with Chuck and Mike; the team went out to some private property where Chuck had told them he has seen possible signs of the creature. Talking to the guys, Jim Snell described the evening as cold and dark. He said it was "moon-less" but clear and cold. It was very dark. He described the area as a large open field with a few trees dispersed through out and a heavier tree line about two hundred yards away from where they were standing.

The whole team, including Chuck and Mike arrived at the area and started scanning the area with the thermal imager and night vision equipment. They were able to clearly see some cows and donkeys in the area on the thermal imager, but with little ambient light, they were less vivid with the night vision equipment. (The night vision amplifies the ambient light, but if you choose to use it, it also has UV to illuminate extreme darkness) Suddenly, Jim Snell saw something out of place on the thermal imager! It appeared to be much taller and thinner than a cow and it was a clear and solid image, slightly obscured by a nearby tree. (Being a solid image is important on the thermal imager, because a heat source covered with cloths, shows up with extreme alterations to the heat signature. In other words, it becomes obvious which parts of the image are covered with cloths and which parts are bare skin.) The brighter the image, the greater the heat signature. Jim told me he tried to walk closer to the image, but when he did the image began to move. Once it began to move, it stepped away from the tree and WALKING UPRIGHT started towards the tree line! Steve Kulls added that he was able to see the same thing with the night vision equipment. His input was that it showed up as a dark image, but clearly discernable. TJ said he also was able to see the image clearly when Jim handed him the thermal imager so he could verify what Jim was seeing. In a few seconds, the upright, bipedal image they had all seen disappeared in the tree line across the field where the team was standing!

Picture of some of the Alabama Bottoms

TJ went on to tell me he was extremely skeptical of the sighting because it seemed just too easy! They drove out to this area, led by their hosts, and BINGO... there is a creature??? Just didn't seem right to him! He told me that they were planning on going out the next day to investigate the area in the daytime and he would let me know what they found.

True to his word, TJ called me the next evening, on the 6th, from out in the field. The phone reception was very poor so the update was short and sweet. He said they had gone back to the area from the night before. They found a mutilated carcass of a cow. The remains were not extremely fresh, and some of the flesh was gone. The issue that was most astonishing to all of the guys was that the neck was clearly broken. It appeared to them, that what ever broke this animal's neck had done so by grabbing the mouth and tearing the jaw apart while twisting the head at the same time, actually fracturing the neck and separating it from the spine! Both the jaw and neck were clearly separated and broken. The phone was begining to break up and TJ told me they were exhausted and would call back when they could... I didn't hear from the team again until the phone call the next day.

That is the phone call I received this morning.

Picture of the skull we saw

After seeing the area in the light of day and spending time away from our hosts, they discussed all they had experienced amongst themselves. Although they were all very skeptical to begin with, there was just too much evidence to ignore. As for the reliability of their hosts, Steve Kulls, a licensed and professional private investigator with more than 19 years of experience in interrogation, said he couldn't find any signs of deception in the stories shared by them to the team. The thermal image was so vivid and clear! It indicated that what ever made it, was not wearing any clothing! When they located the tree that the image stood near, they had Steve stand next to it and Jim stayed where he was when he first viewed the image. Jim's conclusion was what ever he saw was at least more then a foot taller then Steve. Steve is nearly 6 foot tall! They did not find any foot prints, but the ground was not such that footprints would not be easily left behind by any animal. All of the guys have switched their thoughts from extremely skeptical to cautious belief! Now they are leaning more to believing that they actually had an encounter with real creature! We will be able to get a better idea about it when they get home and share all of their findings with the entire team and we can evaluate all of the evidence completely!