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Follow Up Bigfoot Investigations In Paris Texas

We keep coming back to Paris Texas. In my opinion, this is the hottest spot we have found to date for studying or finding the creature called “Bigfoot”! We have been here many times and each time we find more signs of the creature, more tracks from the creature, and more eye witness accounts of the creature. We are making great strides in developing a data base that we hope will put us in a position where we will be able to safely capture a live creature. By safely, I mean safe for the creature and safe for the capture team. We have had several encounters here with this animal and have had opportunities to attempt a capture, but we felt that the risk to the animal and/or the team was too high, so we continue to return and learn. Eventually, we feel that the time and circumstances will be right and we will attempt to complete our plan of a live capture, limited time of captivity for study, and ultimate release safely back to the place of capture.

We have met with and worked with many of the local officials and shared our discoveries with them. We are limited in what we can do and where we can go by the current rules and regulations in this area, but we are determined to stay within the outlines set up by the official governing bodies in the area and we are working closely with them as we continue our quest. We are very pleased with the cooperation we are receiving and have met many great people who, although officially are unable to comment, personally share our interest in solving this long standing mystery. The people of the great state of Texas can be very proud of the institutions and agencies that they have entrusted to protect their natural resources and treasures.

The local people in the area around this “hot spot” seem to be very familiar with the many stories and sightings in the area. They are very protective of the creatures they believe inhabit the area and were a little skeptical of our team at first. However, as we got to know more and more of the people in the area and got to share ideas and our plans with them, they soon became comfortable with us and our project. We have been developing more and more contacts in the area and making many new friends along the way.

It seems that the only negative issues we have had to deal with so far, come from other teams of “researchers”, and I use the term “researchers” loosely. It would seem that a local “Bigfoot research” organization has been following the work being done by Tom Biscardi and the Searching for Bigfoot Inc. team. They have come out to the area to follow behind us and see what they can find. We are honored to know that they realize the importance and relevance of our work and would have been pleased to be able to help them if they would have asked. However, they have done some things that we find totally unacceptable. For some reasons, unfathomable by us, they decided to “salt” the area with phony foot prints! A totally childish action, that brings shame and distrust to all legitimate research organizations through out the world and to the “Bigfoot” efforts in general. Although these prints are easily spotted, we even cast a couple to use as training tools, the idea that some one would stoop low enough to do this was very disturbing. They also tramped through areas that are normally restricted, without clearance from the local officials. This unprofessional action brings embarrassment to all of us who are respectful of the local people, their government officials, and their lands. Other than these amateurish and despicable actions, the majority of our experiences in the area has been very positive and has gone a long way towards building the knowledge base for legitimate research about this elusive animal.

We are still finding many pristine and detailed foot prints in the mud surrounding the lake in Paris Texas

''Of course, our work and our actions are followed closely by the ever vigilant Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department. A very professional organization that the local people are very proud of!''

While I was busy, one morning, taking pictures we had found the previous evening in the beautiful Texas moon light. Tom Biscardi signaled for me to bring my camera to where he was standing. We had followed the profile of the lake up a little bay like structure where a fresh water stream came in. There was a thin point of brush covered land that came down along side of the bay that I could not see over. The other side of this point opened up to the main beach front of the lake and continued back to the tree line. Tom was standing at the very point of this finger of brush, about ten yards away from me. Tom called his son, Tommy and our host Mike to come to where he was at that time as well. Tommy and Mike were farther up towards the point of the bay I was on and came towards Tom Biscardi by walking over the brush covered hill behind me. It seems, that there was a creature just over the bush line behind me, watching me take the photos of the prints in the mud! Tom, Mike, and Tommy all saw it running towards the tree line. It was gone before I got there with my camera and I missed it! It was only about 15 feet away from me at one time, in full daylight, and I missed it! Just more reason why I need to keep on Searching for Bigfoot!

A rough sketch of where the creature was while I was taking pictures!

====The Beautiful Texas Moon====

PURSUIT - The Search For Bigfoot

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FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- The Real Bigfoot Hunter,
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In The Realm Of "The Blair Witch Project" Style

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