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Gila Bend, Arizona Bigfoot Encounter

Well, from Minnesota, we drove through to Gila Bend Arizona. We had heard about a man who had an encounter in a remote area of Gila Bend over 25 years before. Although that is a long time to investigate back too, we were so impressed with this man’s story that we made the trip. Once there, we met with Roger A. Peterson Sr. and his friend Randy. We met at the Space Age Restaurant at about 11:00 am. It was a balmy 110 F. outside and still climbing. It was cool inside and we ordered lunch. We got a chance to talk to Roger openly and freely while we “broke bread”.

His story intrigued us and we couldn’t help notice that many of the subtlies Roger shared with us about his experience would be hard to know without an actual encounter. The movements he described and the behavior of the creature indicated that he had either done years of research or he actually had an encounter. On top of that, his demeanor was clearly that of someone who was traumatized by this event and he seemed to be pouring out his soul to us. He had experienced something that left him traumatized for many years and when he tried to share his experience with other people, they ridiculed him and could not except his story as anything other than either a lie or a psychotic reaction. Obviously, this had weighed heavily upon him for the past 25 or so years. He seemed to be truly relieved to have an audience who had shared similar experiences and listened to him intently.

'''One of our friendly waitresses at the Space Age Cafe’ and Motel'''

After lunch, we waited for Scott Davis and Adrian Campa from the Channel 3 news team out of Phoenix Arizona. This FOX News affiliate team had contacted us earlier in the week and asked us to call them if we could make it out to Arizona to investigate this sighting. They drove out from Phoenix and met with our team along with Roger and Randy. We sat in the comfort of the restaurant and talked openly with Roger. Even the hardened news team was impressed with the real emotion that Roger dealt with as his story took shape. Scott would occasionally stop and ask Tom questions about Roger’s story and was very surprised to find out that what he was hearing had its basis in fact. No one at the table would have ever suspected that there could be a sighting in Arizona. We know that the creature is not overly fond of the heat; they require a lot of cover, and normally stay close to water. Why this creature would be seen in a place like Gila Bend, Arizona. None of us could answer that basic question, but Roger’s story was so compelling and his descriptions of what happened so accurate that we knew we would have to go out to the site and investigate. The real answers are not found without going into the field and seeing for ourselves, so we packed up the rig and headed out to the area known as Painted Rock.

By now, the temperature had risen to about 118 F in the shade. Although Roger, Randy, Scott, and Adrian were acclimated to this heat, The Searching for Bigfoot team was not! It was shear torture for us, but we had to do it. There is no other way to find the truth.

Once at the there, we found a truly amazing anthropological site. There were mounds of rocks all with picturegraphs etched into them. The site was used in pre-Columbian times as a map of sorts, to share with migrating aboriginal peoples what they could expect to find in the area. The plaques that had been put up around the site stated that these picturegraphs were placed at this site from 300 B.C. through the 1400’s A.D. There were pictures of many of the local food items, including; lizards, snakes, birds, antelope, and other men with their arms folded in a peaceful manner. But, there was something else. There was a drawing of what the archaeologists said represented a half man, half beast figure. This creature had no neck, very large hands and very large feet? We were amazed! We could not believe what we were seeing! Below is a picture of what we saw. These were not the only ones, but represent some of what we saw. You will have to make up your own mind. Keep in mind, even the archaeologists refer to this picture as a half man, half beast representation!

'''According the archaeologists who studied this site, these picturegraphs represent a half man half beast creature!'''(click picture to enlarge)

What was it we were seeing, and why was it here? We began to search the surrounding area and much to our surprise, we found a small lake in a valley just about a quarter mile from this site. There was heavy cover around it and plenty of plant life. Could this site be a stopping area for animals migrating through the area? Suddenly there was just a little more substance to the story Roger had shared with us! Is it possible that he had actually had an encounter in the desert areas of Gila Bend, Arizona over 25 years ago? We had to wonder. There is food, cover, and water. The native peoples had depicted an image of a man beast on the rocks in the area over 2000 years earlier and Roger’s story had the ring of truth to it!

Although it goes against all this writer thought he knew, I am now inclined to accept Roger Peterson’s story as factual and not fantasy!

The Searching for Bigfoot team agrees that this sighting deserves much more critical investigation than we were able to give it in such a short period of time. Roger gave me some videos that he has taken over the past years and claims there are creatures clearly visible on them. I am in the process of reviewing them frame by frame and will share my findings with you in the near future.

The News Channel 3 team was so impressed with Roger and what the Searching for Bigfoot team had brought out, that they began a series of news shorts to cover this story. You can see an example of what they are doing by going to and checking out their archives. You will see for yourself, the emotion that Mr. Peterson had bottled up inside of him for so many years. He had had an encounter and was not able bring about any emotional closure to it. Not until he met with the Searching for Bigfoot team. Not until he was able to share his story with Tom Biscardi, a man who has had five encounters over the past thirty plus years! Now, after all those years, he was able to share his story with people who would not ridicule him, people who wanted to hear it, people who understand the pain of knowing something in your heart, but not being believed. Mr. Peterson broke into tears during his interview. You could see the relief in his eyes as he was finally able to speak the truth as he sees it and not be laughed at.

Those of us on the Searching for Bigfoot team understand that pain and frustration as we attempt to tell our story to a skeptical world. It is a difficult road to walk, but it must be done. We know the truth and we will continue our journey until the world knows it as well. It made us all proud of the work we do as we were able to see the relief in the eyes of Roger A. Peterson Sr., a man who had suffered for over 25 years. This is just a little of what keeps us Searching for Bigfoot.

(click picture to enlarge)

These pictures show the mounds of picturegraph rocks with the anthropological explanations, followed by a picture of the lake we found at the foot of the mountains on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. The Searching for Bigfoot Team is continuing to investigate this exciting story and as always, we will share with you, what we find, as we find it, and what we see, like we see it. Until then, we will continue to be in the field, Searching for Bigfoot!

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