One or our most memorable visits was with two young high school students in Greencastle Indiana. These young men and their parents brought us a glimmer of hope in this overly homogenized world. In a world that has glorified normality and conformity, we found a group of people who still want to instill in their children a sense of wonder and discovery. A group that thinks it is still important to teach the next generation that it is important to use their own minds, their own senses, and their own imagination to discover what may be in the world around them.

We met with two young men, Tyler and Austin, whose parents and local school support the idea that the academic world can expand its knowledge when the next generation is taught to sidestep the obstacles set before them in the form of paradigms. That education is a tool best utilized by people who know how to think on their own.

Tyler and Austin are interested in researching the existence of “Bigfoot”. Many people simply put aside the notion that a creature such as this could possibly exist and would not want their children “wasting” their time researching this subject. Fortunately, there are still parents who believe allowing their children to exercise their imagination, curiosity, and free thinking ability is an important part of parenting. These wise parents have made a decision to support their children’s sense of wonder and need to learn, rather than stifle those same traits.

I have to wonder what our world would look like today, if some of the parents of generations past had not allowed their children to go against the ideas of conformity of thought that were prevalent in their day? What would we have if Christopher Columbus’ parents said “don’t waste your time thinking about a round world…” or the Wright brother’s parents and teachers told them, “…don’t waste your time trying to fly, people are only going to laugh at you…” or Albert Einstein’s teachers convinced him that there couldn’t possibly be any connection between time and space….”

I know that not every person with the talent to think for themselves will be the next great scientist, inventor, discoverer, or humanitarian, but I also know we will short change our entire civilization if we don’t allow our generations to come, the ability to think on their own.

My personal experience has demonstrated to me that there is clearly enough empirical evidence to show that there needs to be a serious effort made to investigate the possibility of a totally unknown species of primate existing in this country. I believe that if such a study is done and supported by today’s academic society we would most probably be able to solve this puzzle once and for all. That is why I continue searching for Bigfoot when ever possible. Perhaps a young person like Tyler or Austin will be able to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that I am either right, or wrong. But either way, it gives me a great sense of pride and comfort to know that this great country will still be able to produce a generation of people with the skills to continue to learn and move our knowledge of the world around us forward. I salute the teachers and parents of these fine young men for a job well done!

The Searching for Bigfoot team went to Indiana to meet these two fine young men and some of their parents. We wanted to encourage them to keep searching for evidence, to follow their own path, and to understand that not every broken twig in the forest, not every unusual smell or sound, and not every print they find is going to be proof of this creature. But, with perseverance and an open mind, the possibility of discovery is very real and still available to them and all of us who don’t believe that all to be known is already known!

Here is the team meeting with Tyler and Austin

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