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Finding Bigfoot In Texas
Major Discoveries in Texas

It almost seems redundant, but there are still major discoveries coming out of Paris Texas. The Searching for Bigfoot team keeps going back to this area for more in-depth study and each time we find new and amazing information and artifacts! This last trip was no exception.

We have been very fortunate to have a couple who live in the area that is very learned in the habits of these creatures. They, like us, are very interested in learning more about the creature with the hope of being able to protect it and its habitat so that it is able to thrive for as long as possible in this “oasis” in the middle of our populated world. Mike and Sandy invited us to Paris many months ago to investigate what they have been observing for years and to join them in learning about this creature.

We have been back to this area in Texas at least five times and still have only managed to scratch the surface of the wealth of information available here. On this last and most current trip, we spent ten days in the area with the plan of searching the area, systematically, grid by grid. We were looking for places where our friend “Bigfoot” might be nesting, feeding, and traveling. This trip was just to observe and record what types of terrain and habitat was being utilized by the creatures in the area and see if we could recognize any patterns in the movements of our friends.

We were looking for any signs we could recognize to show where this creature may have been or was passing through. Our primary source was of course, foot prints. We found many prints throughout the area, but unfortunately, we were still coming across some prints that were suspect in origin. That is to say that some prints we found were not necessarily made by the creature. We really had to be on our toes and inspect our finds very carefully to be able to sort the real from the false.

'''(I have included a short editorial about this subject at the end of this report.)'''

Tommy Biscardi Jr., a former Army Ranger, took the lead as we began our research. Tommy’s team included; Don Monroe, Larry McCowan, Erin Smith (Smitty), and Becky Sawyer. Tommy broke the area up into a grid pattern and set about exploring each grid in a systematic and excruciatingly detailed manner. He and his team covered only one to two sections per day, depending on size and terrain. They meticulously recorded all they found each day and we scrutinized the information very carefully as a team. Soon, we began to notice some definite patterns developing in the areas traveled, the time they were traveled, and the directions they were traveling.

''Notice the fuse mechanism from a land mind found in the area, sitting on the bottom left side of the map. We found this in the search areas and kept it to remind us of the hazards still existing in this area.''

During these trips into the woods, we found signs of many other animals including wild pigs, deer, wolves, wild dogs, and some large cats. More importantly, we found signs of our friend. We were able to find and cast many foot prints and other signs. We found several areas that could be used as nesting sites and cover for a large hominoid type creature. The team collected many of these prints and brought them back for study.

''Tommy Jr. and most of his team showing off some of their finds''

On one of his many trips into the bottom lands surrounding the lake in our area of research, Tommy Jr. and Mike (our local contact), went off to make a cast of a hand print that Mike had found earlier. Once at the area, they found that the print had been destroyed by activities of wild pigs rooting through it. While moving through, they were suddenly startled by something very large and fast breaking through the brush between them. They were about 50 feet apart from each other when, what Mike later described as a creature bent over in a stooped position, came running down the hill between them. They hurried to follow, but were unable to catch up or find where it went. Moving back up the hill towards were they first encountered the creature, they noticed more prints. As it turned out, this would prove to be one of the most remarkable finds to date. There they found another set of prints. A pair of large prints being followed by a much smaller set of prints… What we can only assume is a mother and child! It would appear that the animal that ran between them was attempting to draw their attention away from the two animals that were traveling up hill from them! Could this have been a family unit? A male who ran between them, plus a female and child? It makes sense to us, but of course we can only make assumptions. We did come away with the first complete set of prints of what we believe is a “baby Bigfoot”. It is clear that these prints are not human and are smaller versions of the larger prints found with them. As far as we are aware, these are the first and only casts that have been made, confirming the existence of a breeding population of these creatures.

''These are the prints laid out on a motel floor in as close of a representation as we could simulate to the actual finding. The distances between them are relatively accurate.''

''Here are some of the “baby footprints”. They are about 7” long and about 4” across at the widest point. It shows a mid tarsal break, dermal ridges, and the same basic anatomy as the larger prints.''

As if all of this data was not enough, we also received a report back from a local university concerning the DNA sampling done on the bones found during our previous visit to this general area (Titled: Possibly the Most Important Find in History found on this web site) . The report we received back showed a measurement of genomes, (a packet of DNA material forming basic genes for specific organs found in humans). The data showed our sample compared to a human base line sample. This preliminary information indicated that our find, although outwardly appearing to be human remains, was in fact NOT HUMAN! Keep in mind that this is only preliminary information and that it will take a lot more testing before we can say conclusively what our find may be. It does, however, get our attention peaked and gives us hope that we are just one step closer to solving the mystery surrounding our friend “Bigfoot”! It keeps us pushing the envelope and ignoring the discomforts and dangers of the field while we search.

''The graph on top is a sample from our find, the one on the bottom is a base from a human genome file. Notice the blue line!''

This team is still developing a data base from all that we have collected and we are still having most of our finds independently tested. All of this work takes time and costs money, but we will share our findings with you, as we get it, and as we receive it. Until we solve this mystery, you have our promise that we will keep on Searching for Bigfoot and sharing our finds with you… as we find them and when we find them!

We made a lot of friends in this part of Texas and we can’t wait to return to continue our work in the field.

''Yes… There really are Texas Long Horns in Texas!''

Finding Bogfoot -- Falsified Items at a Research Site
Short Editorial by Java Bob

At first we were outraged to think that someone would perpetrate a hoax and try to deceive us and the public at large. However, after interviewing many local people (in Paris Texas) we found that many people in the area know that the creature is living there and also feel an obligation to protect it. Some of those people thought that anything they could do to dissuade us or anyone else, from “snooping” around this area, would be good for “their” creature. As we met and talked to more people, they began to understand that our objective was to help the world to understand about this creature and not to endanger it in any way; they were more apt to support us and our work. After that, many more local people felt comfortable with the team and our objectives and actually began to offer more support.

Because of the emotional and controversial subject matter of our research, we must remain focused and vigilant at all times to be able to ferret out the truth. We must deal with all types of issues openly, objectively, and honestly. Not everything we see on our expeditions is from the creature we are researching. However, we will do our best to let you know when it is not accurate or real. Something that all of us who take this subject seriously must keep in mind while we are Searching for Bigfoot. To coin a phrase, “all that glitters is not gold”. Not everything that you will read or hear about “Bigfoot” will be accurate or even real. However, I do promise you, the reader, that this team will do all we can do to bring you the truth. We will share with you what we see and find, as we see it and as we find it. We are only interested in the truth and will do our best to share that truth with you. As you have seen in the past, sometimes that means we will expose fakes and other misleading information. As you saw in the previous report titled;

Finding Bigfoot in Oklahoma
Search For Boigfoot Sightings Investigations
Second Visit to Oklahoma

The following is an excerpt from that report;

The obvious stress this woman was subjected too was emphasized by the humiliation of the fake photos that had been posted. Tom Biscardi began our research with an investigation into who may have supplied those faked pictures. What we found was inconclusive, but sufficient to get the newspapers to retract the photos and to put into print that the photos and the encounter stories are totally un-related.

''Tom and the team were able to bring some legitimacy back to the woman and her family after her experience of the sighting and the embarrassment of the fake pictures.''

As we found out, the photos first appeared on the wall of a local market, posted next to a story of the first sighting. As more interest developed by the local media a reporter stopping by the market, saw these photos and used them to enhance the original story. The owner of the market denies any responsibility for the photos or any knowledge as to who may have put them up. We also found that the brother of the market owns the local taxidermy business but also denies any connection to the photos

As you can see by the expression on the face of the woman in the photo above, false information about this creature can have very negative effects on people touched by the experience of real encounters. That is just one of the many reasons why the Searching for Bigfoot Team is so adamant about bringing you only the truth, just as we find it!