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Another Look at Paris Texas

Following our recent stop in Oklahoma, the team headed off to our next scheduled stop in Minnesota. However, as close as we were to Paris Texas, we made a stop there first. This unique area had given us some of our most promising finds in the past. We know that there should be some additional activity in the area and since we were so close, we would be amiss to not stop by and check in with our team members in the area. We soon realized we were not to be disappointed.

After arriving in the area, we tried to contact the Searching for Bigfoot associate in the area, Mike Sells. Mike was at work and not available at first, so we went back to the area we last investigated. We headed out to the swamp where we had found all of the prints and had our multiple encounters on our last visit. We were almost shocked at what we found. The entire area had physically changed since our previous visit of only three weeks earlier. In the first area we had visited, we found that the shoreline had receded almost 100 feet further away. We know that Texas was experiencing one of its worst draughts in recent years, but this huge change still surprised us. The mud near the lake edge was a dangerous quagmire. Tom stepped out near the lake edge and sank quickly up to his knees. It took two other team members several minutes to pull him out! We were able to get Tom out, but not his boots and some of our gear. We carefully inspected the newly exposed area for signs of footprints and feeding sights. We were disappointed to find only a couple of partial prints and not much sign of feeding activity at all. We decided to move over to the other side of the point where we had had luck several weeks earlier.

Here, we were totally shocked! This area of the same lake had changed as well. Here, the water line had moved up the beach line about 75 feet! It is as if the entire lake had tilted! All we could surmise was that the mud along the shore had swollen or shrank as it was exposed to the sun. None of us had seen any phenomenon like this before. We were all at a loss to explain it, but we had a job to do, so we began our investigation. We did find signs of feeding and some additional prints in this area. However, it was clear that there was not nearly as much activity here as there was just three short weeks earlier.

Our first thought was that the creatures that were here earlier had moved on out to continue their migration. As a last ditch effort to verify that the creatures had moved on, we attempted some “tree knocking”. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we were blessed with an answer. However, this time the answer came from the all the way across the lake. The area we got the replies from was too far away for us to find in the dark. We were not familiar enough with the terrain for us attempt to hike around in the muddy swamp safely. Hesitantly, we had to pack up and head to our scheduled meeting in Minnesota. We had one of our team, who had to head back to his home in the morning, stay in the area for the night and see what he could find. On the way to our next stop, we were able to contact Steve Sells, in Paris, and we arranged for him to meet with the member we had left behind to monitor the area. Steve Sells, his wife Sandy, Rex Houdyshel met in the area and Steve lead them to the other side of the lake to investigate the areas where they received the returned “tree knocking”. What they found may lead us to the most amazing find of this century!

Here is Don Monroe investigating a partial print we discovered on our trip to Paris Texas

This shows a fresh water clamshell. On close examination, we could see what we suspect are teeth marks in the shell where something with flat incisors had scraped meat from the shell

Tom and Tom Jr. with a couple of prints.

A pair of prints near the water line

Part of whole series of prints heading toward the clam beds

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