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Texas Bigfoot Hair Sightings & Encounters News

Could this be real Bigfoot hair?

A Texas man experiences smells, and sounds, and discovers long black hair on a fishing morning in a Texas swamp.

''Here is an experience we just received news of. We've removed the names of the exact places, while we make further investigation of this report.''

The Company's Searching For Bigfoot Team conducts Bigfoot hunting expeditions. The team travels across the country investigating, interviewing, surveying sighting locations and following up on current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Expeditions include exploring remote wilderness locations where the creature has been sighted. A recap of a past expedition follows:

My mother-in-law lives on the .... Reservation in .... County Texas.

There is a creek named ..... Creek that for years I have fished. I normally spend 5 or 6 hours walking the creek fishing. This is ..... Woods, ....., and swamp land.

On this particular day, I went into the woods about ten in the morning. The day started off uneventful. The fishing was good. Around two in the afternoon and very deep into the woods, I noticed about thirty to forty yards away loud movement and could hear brush moving. I continued fishing and as I walked further down the creek the sounds of movement would stay about the same distance away. The noises got louder and I could hear large sticks and limbs breaking. I looked that direction and saw the tops of saplings moving. I put down my fishing pole and quickly walked toward the movement. There was a loud snap and as I approached the loud noises and movement rapidly went away from me. I went a little further and came to where the saplings had been moving. There was a matted down area with two medium sized saplings were freshly snapped off. These saplings were about fifteen feet tall. I stopped to look at the saplings and looked around to see what had just happened. There was a slight odor that I didn't recognize. I noticed on a limb about four foot off the ground a clump of course, long black hair. I became nervous because I couldn't place what animal this could have came from. I picked up the hair and put it in the side pocket of my over-the-shoulder tackle box. I went back to get my pole and took off out of the woods to my mother-in-law's house.

Tom has my permission to put my story on the web site and have the hair tested.